Cat fish Fry V2

Description: Catfish Fry V2! Try to catch 25 Catfish in 3 minutes, eat snacks and don't catch any Gators Yall! Can you do it? Available as a mobile game as well! Instructions: Tap anywhere in water to cast your line, Tap again to reel up either with fish or just to cast again! walk and cast to do the tricky "Drag" style fishing for more fish! Watch out for Gators and eat all snacks for points! Control Scheme: movement: mouse Tags: fishing, fishing games, sports fishing, hillbilly, handfishing, alligators, alligator games, crocodiles, cooking games, cooking, retro, arcade, 8bit, fish, nemo, aquarium, sea, ocean, swamp, big, fast, munchie, kids Size: 1024x600 Tag: 7dcd898405011620 Slug: cat-fish-fry-2 Coins:No


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