Steam Pilgrim

Description: Outstanding bird-eye Crimsonland-style shooter game. Campaign and survival mode, weapons shop, skills, night missions, tips, achievements, hi-score table. Instructions: Once upon a time far far away in the Forbidden Lands.. Well in general your mission is to save local inhabitants from the creatures of Professor Evildorf. So good luck and take care :-) Use WSAD keys to move, use mouse for aiming and shooting. Collect bonuses, avoid enemies. Don't forget to visit weapons shop and try yourself in survival mode. Buy fuel cell kits to get access to new missions. Post your result to most popular social networks right from the game. Take a part in competition for the first place in hiscores based on expirience level. This game has a multiple language support so we can add almost any extra language pack if needed. Control Scheme: fire: left mouse movement: wasd Tags: crimsonland, bird-eye, shooter, zombies, steam, spiders, scorpions, professor, skills, survival, campaign, steampunk, en Size: 800x600 Tag: bc24b5e07c5b9063 Slug: steam-pilgrim Coins:No


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